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Cattle ProTips

There’s a lot of work that goes into getting your calf ready for show day. From daily care to clipping and fitting, our ProStaff team members Kirk StierwaltBob MayJon GevelingerJay Carr, Eric Drager and Ky Stierwalt are here to help with informative videos to get you on your way to finding success in the ring.

Promoting Hair Growth in Cattle

Spring Shedding, Removing Dead Hair on Cattle

eZall, Total Body Wash and a Foamer Make Washing Easy

Daily Hair Care Routine for Slick Shorn Cattle

Livestock Chamois Dry for Slick Shorn Cattle

ProCharge for Cattle Grooming

ProSheen for Daily Cattle Grooming

Using a Cattle Fogger to Prepare Cattle for Sale

ProDye Part 1

ProDye Part 2

Painting Show Cattle with ProTouch Paint

Minimize Head Movement when Clipping Show Cattle

ProGloss for Clipping and Fitting Cattle

Choosing an Adhesive

Selecting the Right Show Calf Fitting Adhesive Remover

How to fit your Calf's Tail

How to Fluff Leg Hair on Show Cattle

How to use a Neck Sweat

How to put a Neck Sweat on your Calf

Sure Hand Cattle Lead

Tips for Bringing your Show Calf Home

How to Teach your Calf to set up

Picking the Right Cattle Show Stick

5 Things to Remember About Showmanship

Tips for Using your Roto Brush

Upgrade your Wash Routine with a Weaver Livestock Foamer

Tips for Choosing a Livestock Adhesive

Finding the Right Livestock Paint for Show Day

How to Dry your Calf the Right Way

Building Legs on your Show Calf

Clipping a Topline

Dealing with Dandruff in Cattle

Coach Jon - Show the Whole Time (Cattle Showmanship Tips, Ep. 1)

Coach Jon - Who's Who in the Show Ring (Cattle Showmanship Tips, Ep. 2)

Coach Jon - Turning your Calf in the Show Ring (Cattle Showmanship Tips, Ep. 3)

Coach Jon - Ring Procession (Cattle Showmanship Tips, Ep. 4)

Coach Jon - Developing Goals (Cattle Showmanship Tips, Ep. 5)

Coach Jon - Show Day Pep Talk (Cattle Showmanship Tips, Ep. 6)

Fitting a Calf's Leg

Fitting a Calf's Tail

Fitting the Tailhead

How to Hold a Show Stick

How to Scrub a Calf

How to Transition from Leading your Calf to Standing

The Right Way to Hold a Halter

The Right Way to Set Up your Calf

Easy-to-Install LED Cattle Chute Light

Weaver Livestock ProAir™ Blower - Must-Have Features

How to Comb your Calf the Right Way

Fitting Hooves and Dewclaws on a Light-Colored Calf

Setting Goals for Clipping your Calf

Having the Right Posture

Tips for Clipping the Tailhead