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Tips for Using Your Roto Brush

Jon Gevelinger demonstrates how to incorporate a Roto Brush in your daily care and show day routine. Designed to be used with a drill for rotation, Weaver's Roto Brush stimulates hair growth and trains existing hair to stand up for more pop and volume. This innovative tool will help your calf look and feel its best.

It's important to keep safety in mind when using this product. Your calf may be startled by the unfamiliar feeling and the noise from the drill, so try starting on the front leg to get them accustomed to it. Then move on to the back legs, and start out gently. Make sure you aren't using too much pressure or speed with the brush, because the friction can cause it to heat up and become uncomfortable. Remember, if the Roto Brush doesn't feel good on your hand, it doesn't feel good on your animal! Also, ask someone to hold your calf's tail out of the way when working the hair on the back legs—it's easy for the longer tail hair to get tangled in the brush.