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Fitting a Calf's Tail

Weaver Livestock ProStaffer Jon Gevelinger demonstrates how to properly fit a tail. The hind view of your animal can make or break your performance in the show ring, so properly fitting a calf’s tail is crucial.

Start by combing the tail with your slicker brush. With your hands, separate the outer layer of hair from the tail and have another person hold it up and out of the way.

Next, you want to create volume with the remaining hair by backcombing, or scrunching it up. Spray your adhesive all around the tail, then shape the backcombed hair into a smooth ball.

Grab your slicker brush again and use it to smooth the outer layer of hair down over the backcombed hair, making sure not to brush out the volume you’ve created. Spray a light layer of adhesive on the outer hair: You want this hair to cover the backcombed tail ball, but still look natural.

Use your hands to lightly smooth all of the remaining hair into the tail ball, then finish by painting.