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Jon Gevelinger

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Jon and Taylor Gevelinger are from Bulverde, TX, where they raise and sell show cattle with an emphasis on customer service and education. They recently published an educational book called "Before the Banner: The Complete Guide to Show Cattle." As a clinician and owner of JG Cattle And Coaching, Jon has a passion for producing quality livestock and working with young people through a variety of junior programs. He understands firsthand the benefits of these programs and is committed to giving back to the livestock community and its next generation, who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Jon is dedicated to serving the livestock industry and contributing to its success.

Lives In
San Antonio, TX

Oklahoma State University

Favorite Products
Roto Brush
Firm Adhesive
ProCharge Aerosol

Fun Fact
Jon is originally from Wisconsin but if you have heard him speak you already knew that!

To learn more about Jon Gevelinger, visit www.jgcattleandcoaching.com

Jon Gevelinger