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How to Hold a Show Stick

Jon Gevelinger discusses how to hold a show stick properly and the different hand placements you will use when showing your calf. Holding your show stick the right way allows you to easily transition from leading to standing and can make a huge difference in your showmanship.

When you’re standing still and scratching, make sure to keep a separation between the handle of the stick and your elbow. You don’t want the stick resting on your elbow, because it causes you to have to move your entire arm to scratch, rather than just your wrist.

When leading your calf, hold the show stick up and out so that it’s vertical in front of you. Here, your hand is going to be near the top of the handle, and your thumb should be level with your ear. Turn your upper body so that the shoulder of your show stick arm is a bit out in front: This ensures that you’re leading your calf, rather than letting them lead you.