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How to Handle Spring Shedding

Why Is It Important?

About three to four months prior to show season, usually around March or April, you will want to begin a daily shedding regimen on your calf. Removing dead hair from the undercoat will promote the growth of new, healthy hair. There are a variety of shedding tools on the market, and again, it is a matter of what works best for you and on your calf’s hair.

Using your shedding tool of choice, brush your calf’s entire body in the direction of hair growth to remove the dead hair. Brushing against the direction of hair growth with a sharp tool could damage or remove healthy hair.

We recommend an effective tool like the Weaver Leather Livestock Shedding Comb that pulls out the dead hair without getting caught in or removing healthy hair.

Continue your daily rinsing/washing and blowing routine during and after shedding and throughout show season.