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Fitting the Tailhead

Jon Gevelinger breaks down the best practices for fitting the tailhead on show day.

First, Jon recommends clipping the tailhead close to the way you want the finished product to look BEFORE applying adhesive. Once you’ve clipped the tailhead, use a slicker brush to comb through and separate the hair follicles. Make sure you do this BEFORE applying adhesive. The tailhead is one of the only spots on a calf where you don’t want to comb after applying product.

When applying adhesive, remember to test the spray off to the side. You’ll also want to spray towards the back of the calf from the hip so that any extra product is going away from the calf. Make sure to spray the tailhead from both sides.

Next, you’re going to move directly behind the calf and use your fingers to gather and smooth the hair on the tailhead. You want to stand directly behind them to make sure tailhead is in line with the rest of the body, and not leaning to one side or the other.

Finally, Jon likes to finish the tailhead by trimming with a scissor. A scissor gives you more control and precision when clipping up and around the tailhead than clippers would, and creates a sharper edge on the finished product.

Use these tips to create a smooth and natural-looking tailhead that is aligned with the rest of the body. Fitting the tailhead properly finishes off a sleek topline and is sure to stand out in the show ring.