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How to Fluff and Pull up the Leg Hair

Fluffing Leg Hair

Pre-bending the hair up on the legs with a Roto Brush attached to a cordless drill should be done prior to applying any glue. Doing so will allow the adhesive to cover more completely while using less product. This brush should be used to fluff the hair on each leg.

  • If your calf has never had this done to it before, stroke its leg with the brush prior to turning on the drill to get it used to feel.
  • Turn the drill on and go in an upward motion up the front, side and back of the legs then back down to let the hair fluff out. A cordless drill works great because it’s easier to switch positions without a cord getting in the way. Hair will be fluffed and you are now ready to pull up the legs.
  • See image for the difference between a fluffed and non-fluffed leg. On the front leg, the area between the knee and ankle is important to fluff because it tends to get flattened when the calf lays down.