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Be Your Best 5 Things to Remember About Showmanship

Now is the time you’ve been preparing for. All of your hard work prior to the show is going to be put to the test. Being a little nervous is natural. Take some deep breaths and reassure yourself that you’re ready. Remaining calm and confident will help both you and your calf have a better performance in the ring. The following are important tips to keep in mind for showmanship.

  1. If you are able, watch a class or two before yours to see what the judge is looking for and what style showman he or she prefers.
  2. Keep your eyes on the judge and always be aware of where he or she is. Good eye contact is a sign of confidence and respect.
  3. The judge may touch your calf, so you will need to fix the hair with the comb. Do so only when the judge has moved on to the next calf in line.
  4. Judges often ask questions about your calf’s faults, strengths, feeding regimen and breeding, so be prepared. A common question judges like to ask is, "What would you change about your calf if you could?"
  5. Don’t stop showing until the judge’s decision is final.
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