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Daily Hair Care for Slick Shorn Cattle

Daily Hair Care Routine for Slick Shorn Cattle

Even though they have little to no hair, slick shorn cattle require much attention and lots of work for optimal hide and hair health. Watch this video to see Eric Drager’s daily hair care routine for his cattle.

Before washing your calf, use a cattle blower to blow off any dirt sitting on the coat. For washing, Eric recommends a cow shampoo such as Medicated Shampoo to prevent hide problems. Cut your washing time in half when you use it in a livestock foamer. After you’ve sprayed your calf from head to toe with the shampoo mixture in the livestock foamer, take a cow brush like the Massage Brush and gently brush downward. Rinse well, and use your cow brush to once again train hair in a downward motion.