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Sheep ProTips

Products developed specifically for sheep have come a long way, and Weaver Leather Livestock is proud to lead the way with innovative solutions for your daily care and show day needs. In the videos below, ProStaff member Chad Charmasson walks you through a variety of products and offers his tips and tools to get the best results.

Show Supplies you need for a Lamb Project

Setting Goals for your Show Lamb Projects

How to Halter Break your Show Lamb to Lead

Benefits of show Sheep Halters with Chain Leads

The Livestock Foamer is a Time Saver

The Complete Sheep Washing Process

Waterless Shampoo for Show Sheep

How to Apply a Lamb Tube and Protect the Hide

Guide to Finding the Perfect Sheep Blanket

Chad Charmasson's Go-To Sheep Clippers and Blades

How to Shear a Sheep

Sheep and Goat Conditioning Spray

Clipping a Show Lambs Head

Show Lamb Leg Wool Care - Growing, Clipping and Fitting

Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Fitting Show Lamb Legs

ProPink Essential for Sheep's Leg Wool

Protecting Show Lamb Leg Wool, Using Leg Wraps

Fitting a Sheep for Show Day

Enhance Show Sheep with ProDye

ProPolish for Show Lambs

ProCharge: The Solution to Dry Hide

Training Sheep to Walk in the Show Ring

How to Dry Show Lambs with a Livestock Blower

How to use a Face Brush on your Lamb

How to put Rope Halters on Show Sheep

Using Hide Lotion on Show Day

Teaching Show Sheep to Brace

Market Lamb Projects

Beginning a new lamb project