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Teaching Show Sheep to Brace and Setting a Show Lamb's Feet and Legs

Having a well braced lamb is super important in the show ring. It allows the judge to get a better idea of the firmness and spread of muscle over the rack while determining the amount of finish to the lamb. Some sheep will be natural bracers and some won’t. So, if you have a lamb that isn’t prone to bracing, here are a few tips:

  1. Start while your lamb is small. Good habits are easier to form when the animal is smaller, so start working your lamb from day one!
  2. Try to move the lamb into the correct position. Make sure to stop correctly on the walk.
  3. When you stop moving or walking the sheep, make sure you are offering your leg for it to push into.
  4. If it resists bracing, consider using a platform or a bracing table. Have your lamb back off it a few times to understand what bracing feels like.
  5. Be consistent. Expect these behaviors out of your lamb on every walk. This will help it to learn what is expected when you stop.
  6. Stay patient and keep practicing! You've got this!