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Protecting Show Lamb Leg Wool - How To Use Leg Wraps

Keeping lamb legs clean and protected is easy with Weaver Leather Livestock Sheep Leg Wraps. These are great for keeping the show lamb leg wool clean and free from bedding, debris, or feces as well as maintaining softness and manageability for easy grooming, rinsing, and applying conditioning products. To get the ultimate protection, follow these steps:

  1. Unwrap and re-roll each leg wrap so that the end that will be secured at the top of the leg faces inward.
  2. Start at the bottom of the leg, close to the hoof, and work upward toward the hock. Be sure not to wrap it tight.
  3. Make one complete wrap around the bottom of the leg so that the hook closure catches for a secure hold.
  4. Wrap around the leg, moving upward and making sure to overlap at least half the width of the wrap each time.
  5. Run the wrap all the way around the hock.
  6. For best results, allow the legs to breathe. We recommend leaving the wraps on for no longer than 48 hours at a time.