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How To Shear A Sheep, Preparing For The Show

Watch this video to learn how to shear a sheep step by step using Lister clippers. For best results, Chad Charmasson recommends using a sheep trimming stand.

As you will see in this video, there are two rounds of sheep shearing. The first round of shearing gets the majority of the wool off and makes a cleaner job of the second round. After the first round, fill a stock bucket with a brightening sheep shampoo. Use a soft bristle sheep brush to apply the suds on the hide, working against the wool. Use a livestock blower to blow out the sheep shampoo suds and loosen up any remaining wool. Use your sheep brush to brush remaining wool downward, and shear one more time using fine or surgical clipper blades.

Show Sheep Shearing

When to shear a sheep

Sheep Trimming Stands