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Show Supplies You Need for a Lamb Project

What are the basic sheep grooming supplies a beginner needs for their project? First and foremost, show sheep expert Chad Charmasson recommends a sheep trimming stand.  You’ll wash, shear and fit your lamb on this sheep trimming stand, so these processes may be difficult if you don’t have one. Secondly, you’ll need a livestock blower to get the desired look after washing.

When it comes to washing, Chad encourages showmen to use a degreasing sheep shampoo that cuts down on the lanolin and dirt in wool and hide. Washing with a degreasing sheep shampoo allows you to get smooth, clean cuts when you shear show sheep. Chad recommends following your washing with Weaver Conditioning Cream to protect and preserve leg wool. Healthy, conditioned leg wool won’t be pulled out easily with a slicker brush.

For show day preparation, Chad Charmasson goes for ProPolish. Just spray it on and brush it in with a gentle sheep brush like the Pocket Brush. It gives show sheep a great handle that a judge can appreciate. ProPink is the ideal aerosol to use when fitting show lamb legs. Blow ProPink into the legs with a livestock blower before running a slicker brush through them to make the leg wool pop while still preserving as much wool as possible. Why use a slicker brush? It’s designed specifically for leg wool; other brushes may pull out the wool you’ve worked so hard to cultivate.

At home for training and on show day, you’re going to want to have a sheep halter on hand. Chad’s go-to is a nylon sheep halter with a built-in chain. Once sheep are cleaned up and groomed, protect them using a ProCool sheep blanket.  A sheep blanket keeps them fresh before the show. The last category Chad covers is Lister clippers and Lister clipper blades. He likes to use the Lister Legend and thinks that a fine blade set is best for beginners.