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How To Use Hide Lotion on Show Day

Your lamb looks great. You’ve worked hard. You’re focused. All of your efforts have led up to now —those brief few seconds with the judge. The moment the judge touches your lamb there’s no hiding imperfections. That’s when the immediate moisturizing results of Hide Lotion will give you an edge in the ring. With the freshest hide, your lamb will be worth remembering. Here are our quick, easy steps to ensure your lamb stands out:

  1. Follow the Complete Sheep Washing Process, which includes washing and shearing your lamb.
  2. Once you have finished the washing process, spray your animal down with ProPolish.
  3. Next, generously apply Hide Lotion to the body of your lamb, being sure to coat evenly.
  4. Place a Cotton Tube over your lamb to keep it clean and lock in the moisture.
  5. Once your tube is in place, wet the tube down to keep the Hide Lotion from drying out.
  6. Leading up to show time, continue spraying down the tube as it begins to dry out to revive the conditioning effects.
  7. Remove tube prior to show time to expose a firm and well-hydrated hide.