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Chad Charmasson's Go-To Sheep Clippers and Blades

If this is your first project, you may be intimidated by the idea of clipping a sheep. ProStaffer Chad Charmasson wants to help you make a smart purchasing decision by recommending the best sheep clippers and blades.

Chad says his go-to sheep clipper is the Lister Legend clipper, which is heavy-duty and long-lasting. The most versatile Lister clipper blades include the fine blade set and surgical blade set, which are used on the body but can also be used on the head and around the legs. If you did want to add another sheep clipper and blade set to your show box, Chad would recommend a smaller Andis® 2-speed or 5-speed clipper and Andis® medium blending blade; this is your best option for trimming and blending around the head and the legs.