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Principles For Success: Ownership

What is Ownership?

The truth is that no one is more responsible for your animal than you. Taking ownership and developing a sense of personal responsibility and accountability for your project is crucial to your success. When you own your attitude, you can change your perspective. When you take ownership of your decisions, you can move forward. When you assume ownership of your project, you make reaching your full potential possible.

Exhibitors who possess the character trait ownership accept responsibility for outcomes and results. They take initiative and make good decisions to achieve their goals. If you do this, you will get noticed for your effort, and your chances of success will be much higher.

If you tend to do the bare minimum and avoid responsibility, you’ll miss out on valuable opportunities to learn and grow. When you realize that your project represents you, you will better understand the impact of your work on yourself and on others. You will work in a way that makes you proud. Ownership is a great opportunity to be an exceptional showman and person.

Check out the following Do’s and Don’ts of people who exhibit ownership.

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