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Behind the Label: Spring New Products

Redesign of the Bucket Cart

When it comes to new products, we are always looking for the newest and innovative products to bring to the

market. We also try to look at our current line of products and ask the question “How can we make this better?”

Our round bucket carts is the perfect example. Made in-house in our 20,000 Square foot metal shop. Weaver’s engineering team looked at the carts and found a few improvements that would help not only our wholesale customers but the livestock family as well.

The cart was very costly to ship and was hard to fit in compact small trailers. We redesigned the carts to be broken down into 3 pieces so that it could ship easier and break down for easier hauling.

Large Round Feed Pans

We worked a long time to create the perfect feed pan and to make it the most user-friendly possible. We wanted something that was easy to carry, pour, and of course easy to eat out of.

For carrying, we designed the handles with grooves that will fit your fingers and help alleviate some of the pressure of the load you are carrying. The easy pour spout makes mixing and pouring a quick and clean task. The angle of the walls insures that your animal will be able to get all of the feed out of the corners of the pan. Available in Black, Blue, Red, Purple, and Teal. These feed pans are a must have whether you are at the show or at home.

Hydro-Boost Lotion

Products that are safe for you and

your animals is something that we care about when developing a new product. Using ingredients of the highest quality, that add value to your animal, and help make you stand out in the ring.

Hydro-Boost Lotion is no exception to that rule. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Dead sea clay, shea butter, and other ingredients. This product is sure to hydrate and condition the hide of your pig. These products combined give a healing element that can speed of the process of healing nicks, skin irritations and dry spots. Hydro-Boost is also a great product to maintain the hide and to keep it supple and firm. Testing by our Prostaffers Kent Bennington and Jason Lackey was instrumental in making sure this product worked effectively and did not leave an oily feeling to the hide. Make sure to try this product to achieve the results needed to bring that banner home.


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