Behind the Label: Mid-Year New Products

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It is the most wonderful time of the year. Summertime! It is a magical time of the year, School’s out; Livestock Shows are happening all across the country all the way from Junior Nationals to County Fairs and Jackpot shows. Another reason why it is the best time of year is for the New Products that get to launch. It feels like Christmas in June! Just like each of you working to perfect your animal for shows, Weaver works hard to perfect and come out with new products that make showing fun and helps you be successful whatever level of showing you are at.

Pig Waterer-

Our mission was to come out with the best waterer on the market! This waterer holds 2 gallons of water, is completely adjustable to fit most any height of gate or fence using the Brahma webbing straps connected to aluminum hooks and brackets to secure tightly to your pen to keep pigs from knocking off or making a lot of racket. The durable stainless steel nipple has a screen to help filter out debris and sediment to provide clean drinking water for your pig.


Bucket Rack-

Do you like to organize when at shows? Our New Bucket Rack is perfect to keep things organized and off of the ground at shows. Using our Weaver Showbox hanger your pen will never look better. Fits square and round buckets.


Expandable Shelf-

Another great addition to keep you organized and to save space at shows is our Expandable Shelf. Adjust from 54”-88”. Made from durable lightweight aluminum and powder coated for extra protection and easier open and closing. Whip brackets underneath to store up to six whips at a time. Weighing just 41 pounds it is the lightest shelf in the industry!



Tennis Grip Pig Whips-

Our popular basic whip with a tennis grip handle available in 4 colors is sure to make your showing experience next level! Medium Flexibility with built-in popper. Prepare to be amazed!


Purifying Shampoo-

Calling all dark-haired Animals! This Shampoo is formulated specifically for pig and cattle with dark hair. Clarifies dark hair for deep color and a radiant shine. Optical Enhancers highlight deep, rich dark tones. Cleanses and remove product build up, dirt, and excess oil. Pig Prostaffer Kent Bennington said he saw a noticeably difference in color of the pig after just three washes! For best results, use a Weaver foamer.


Spandex Tubes-

Improved Fit and material to our current selection of tube. Constructed of stretchy spandex material. Designed without surging around leg holes allows for maximum stress and less restriction of movement. Available in five colors!


Sheep and Goat Fleece Leg Wraps-

Sheep and Goat owners are sure to love the Fleece Leg wraps available in five colors that match our spandex tubes and blankets. Made from comfortable fleece material that will keep the legs clean and protect from picking and biting.



Leg Wool Comb-

Created specifically for Leg wool. This comb is perfect for Show day fitting or for working leg wool at home. The long teeth help stimulate the undercoat while shorter teeth fluff the wool. This will be a showbox must have!




These products were a lot of fun to design and we hope that help with your success at shows and at home. To purchase and to see the rest of our new products. Visit or contact your local Weaver Dealer.


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