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Principles for Success: Respect

Principles for Success: Respect

What is Respect?
Respectful people show admiration and esteem for others and are known for their courtesy and kindness. Respect is more than a feeling; it is reflected in behavior that values and shows appreciation for others. People who lack respect disregard others and do not recognize others’ positions or achievements. Disrespectful people are discourteous and may be impolite and offensive.

Respect is required to achieve success in your personal life and in the show ring. We cannot have successful relationships without respect because it reveals how much we value and care for others. Without respect, others cannot trust that our intentions and decisions will be anything but selfishly motivated.

We cannot reach our full potential as exhibitors without recognizing the positions and achievements of those who lead us. Showing respect for leaders and peers demonstrates that we are humble and teachable. We position ourselves to receive the guidance and wisdom of those who are more experienced or who offer different perspectives when we show that that we respect and value their knowledge and skills.

Check out the following list of Do’s and Don’ts of respectful people.

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