Address the Envelopes

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Address the Envelopes

Thank you. It’s something that you are taught to say at a very young age. You probably go through your day and thank people without even noticing. Someone holds the door open for you, you say thanks as you enter; you don’t give it much thought it’s just something you say. In today’s world, we sometimes forget to slow down and give credit to those who in reality we really do appreciate. We sometimes assume that those investing in us know we are thankful for what they are doing/have done for us but taking a moment to slow down and let them know can mean so much.

Growing up showing livestock and in the 4-H program, I wrote many thank you notes. Looking back it was one of the few times that I actually wrote thank you notes in my youth. As an adult, I am very thankful to the 4-H program for this. I know how easily this can turn into a chore but it shouldn’t be. People have given up time to support you so show them you appreciate them and what they have done for you. Here are a few things to help make writing those thank you notes rewarding for both parties!

Be Sincere – These people have invested a lot in you do the same for them. Don’t just write a generic thank you; instead try telling them a story about raising your animal. You could include your plans, whether it be preparing for the next show or maybe how their support will continue to help you as you move forward. Tell them things you’ve learned or how their support has made an impact on you.

Make it Fun – Include pictures of you and your animal. Be creative; add stickers, stamps or colored pens. Find fun stationary to use. Most people will not keep a thank you text or email, but many will keep a thank you note especially if time was put into it. Don’t stress about writing the notes, if your hand writing isn’t perfect it’s ok, some people don’t have the neatest handwriting, if it’s easier then type it and print it out.

People Love Mail – Ok so I am not talking about bills or junk mail, but a card or letter amongst those pesky other pieces will definitely brighten someone’s day. Something as simple as a few short sentences on a piece of cardstock can make a world of difference. We rush through so many things in life, receiving a thank you note is one of those small reminders that your kindness didn’t go unnoticed. For those sending out thank you notes to buyers of market animals this could make a difference between this person being a one-time buyer or a returning buyer.

So write those letters, address the envelopes and make someone’s day!


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