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5 Easy Ways to Take Initiative

5 Easy Ways to Take Initiative

Taking initiative is recognizing and doing what needs to be done without being asked or coerced. It is so easy to sit back wait for someone to tell you what to do and how to do it, but taking initiative isn’t hard. Here are some easy ways you can take initiative.

Offer to Help:
Do more than what is required of you. It could be cleaning the stall before being asked, washing your heifer, or even as simple as making sure you have your show clothes ready to go come show day.

Make Friends:
Introduce yourself to your fellow exhibitors, or those other show moms. Meeting new people can be hard, especially with the fear of rejection, but these people share a common interest with you – Stock Show Life. Many friendships span states, years, and generations simply because someone took initiative and introduced themselves at a show. These people could become your best friends.

Do Something that Scares You:
Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy but it will be worth it. Show at a National show. Sign up to be a part of a judging team, or enter the speech contest.

Give Credit:
There are so many people who are a part of your show journey. Don’t forget to let them know you appreciate them. Personally thank them, send a card, write a letter, or do something to let them know you appreciate their support.

Take Ownership:
This is your project. Know it inside and out. When the judge asks you your animals flaws, know them, but also know it’s strengths. Keep a feed/weight log, or start a workout schedule for your animal. Outwork the competition.

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