ProPaint Smoke Gray, 10 oz.

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  • Enhances gray hair of a variety of shades and tones
  • Perfect for matching, blending or improving hair color
  • Perfect for use on breeds like Charolais crosses
  • Covers show day products
  • For cattle

Additional Product Info

Species: Cattle
Use: Show Day
Directions: Shake well. Spray light, even coats until desired color is achieved. Blend with another ProPaint if needed. Drying time varies. Remove using ProRefit or ProRemover, and wash with any Weaver Livestock shampoo. Store and use at room temperature. After use, invert spray can to clear valve and spray tip. Clean with petroleum solvent if clogged.

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  • Cannot be shipped internationally
  • Cannot be shipped outside the contiguous US
  • Cannot be shipped via Air or USPS

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ProPaint Smoke Gray
Weaver Livestock

ProPaint Smoke Gray, 10 oz.

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