ProAir™ Livestock Blower

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Note: Requires two 12-gauge extension cords, one to power each motor, that must be purchased separately - Item # 69940-25-00


120 volt, 30 electrical amps, 3400 watts
Unit Weight: 20.96 lbs.
Hose Weight: 6.45 lbs.
Blower Dimensions: 18" height x 9" depth x 16 ½" width
Hose Dimensions: 16' total length; (11' length of 2 ¼" wide hose and 5' length of 1 ½" wide hose with a ⅞" wide nozzle tip)

Warranty Information

Click here to register your unit and to activate your 1-year ProAir blower warranty.


Tips for Optimal Performance:

  • Clean the filters daily or before each use.
  • Keep blowers off of the ground to prevent rapid accumulation of dirt and dust on the filters. Never let the blower sit directly on shavings and sawdust.
  • Use a cart or hanger to elevate the unit at home and at shows.
  • If your blower is being used in a humid or damp environment, dirt and debris can collect on the filters faster, and more frequent and thorough cleanings of the filter will be necessary.
  • Do not use the blower with a torn filter or without the filter installed.
  • Use a 12-gauge extension cord up to 50 feet long or a 10-gauge extension cord over 50 feet long. Cord length should not exceed 100 feet.

Tips for Cleaning:

  • Always unplug the power cords before changing or cleaning the filters.
  • As needed, gently tap or use a soft brush to clean the removable filter cartridges to remove excess dust.
  • A vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment or a soft brush can be used for cleaning the non-removable filters.
  • If the unit is used in a humid or damp environment, the filters may need to be cleaned with soap and water to remove debris.
  • If the filter is damp, allow it to dry before using to avoid tearing the filter material.

Shipping Information

  • Cannot be shipped internationally
  • Does NOT qualify for free shipping


Why lug around two livestock blowers, a cart and multiple attachments when you can have the air speeds of two blowers in one lightweight, compact, user-friendly unit? After three years of engineering, input from industry experts and rigorous testing, we're proud to present a livestock blower that meets the evolving needs of stock show families. With faster drying speeds, cooler running temps, less energy consumption and significant space savings, the ProAir™ Livestock Blower will blow you away with its exceptional performance.

Product Details

  • Lightweight, flexible blower hose and nozzle make ProAir one of the best livestock blowers in the industry for young exhibitors
  • Engineered for optimal power and tested by an independent lab to have a higher air exit velocity than double blower systems on the market
  • Specialty nozzle delivers an accurate, concentrated, high-velocity stream of air for fast drying
  • Filter protected air inlets prevent circulation of dust and debris to shield internal components
  • Designed to produce cooler air to prevent your animal from overheating during drying
  • Whether you're searching for a cattle blower, a goat blower or a sheep blower, the ProAir livestock blower delivers optimal performance in just 1.5 cubic feet of space
  • Assembled in the USA; Patent No. 11,156,229

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Why ProAir Livestock Blower
Great Price

Powerful, Optimal power and air velocity with a two blower system featuring separate circuits that limit electrical surges and power disruptions.
Durable, Engineered with impact-resistant poly-carbonate material, reinforced backplate, switches and commercial grade outlets, and a 16' crush-proof hose for enduring performance.
Lightweight, Built to ensure best in class performance at a convenient 21lbs for easy transport by every member of the family.
Industry leading portable design with easy grip handle for trouble-free transportation and storage.


New and Improved ProAir Blower
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ProAir™ Livestock Blower

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