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When I Say,  "I Miss Showing Livestock"...

When I Say, "I Miss Showing Livestock"...

…here’s what I really mean.

When your show career is finally over, there will be so many things that you miss at first. Reality pretty much sinks in the first time you head out to the barn to feed, water and work with your animal… but the barn is empty. Here is where you spend those early mornings and late nights. It’s where your lambs would greet you as you approached the gate. The barn is special, but it’s certainly not the only place you’ll miss.

As time goes on, you find that you miss the things that you might have taken for granted.

1. The Rush
There’s no feeling quite like entering the ring. The pressure is on and it’s show time! I think as you grow up that feeling is rarely found and it is one that you should hold on to and enjoy each time you step into the ring.

2. The Road Trips
Spending January and February on the road searching for the “Great One”. So many memories are made on the road!

3. Your Animals
It’s hard not to miss your animals. I’ve spent more time in the barn with my animals over the summer than with any one of my friends.


4. The People
You will miss the time with the people that you care about and bonded with over a shared passion of showing and raising livestock.

5. Sharing Goals
You will miss sharing the goals of success with your friends and family, and working together to reach them. They are the ones who motivate you and inspire your determination to do your best.


6. The Memories
Our family spent a lot of our time together in the barn, on the road and at the shows. Those are some of the memories that I hold nearest and dearest.


I’m sure you won’t regret spending time with the people you love, achieving your goals, and having the opportunity to grow up in such a unique lifestyle. So if your show career is over, I’m sure you can relate.

But if your show career isn’t over, take some time to appreciate the little things. They really do end up becoming the big things. Enjoy it; it goes faster than you think.

Taylor Banbury

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