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Six Moms You Meet at a Stock Show

Six Moms You Meet at a Stock Show

Thank God for Moms… the glue that holds everything and everyone together on show day! Where would we be without them? They truly are what makes the stock show world go ’round. Which stock show mom is in your family?

Food Mom – Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks …she’s a shining star. She truly believes that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. She brings enough food to feed the entire barn and graciously welcomes any and all to stop in at their pens for a bite to eat. Her crock-pot game is strong and at any given point she may have several of them fired up keeping the family favorites warm and ready to eat on demand. Sloppy joes, cheesy potatoes, walking tacos…she’s got an excel spreadsheet to document any and all meals appropriate to take to a show. She’s a care taker through and through. Her motto: “You can’t be at your best in the show ring on an empty stomach”.

Hair Mom – She’s high in demand on show day. The Mom who can do hair is truly an asset. She most likely invented the French braid. Curls, buns, the perfect pony tail and even the hair poof look are no match for her skills. Always prepared, her purse contains a mirror, bobby pins and extra hair ties. Just give her a brush and heck, if she doesn’t have hairspray, she’ll just do it with adhesive. Every little girl dreams of hitting the ring with a killer hair-do and she doesn’t let them down. Her motto: “Your hair is your best accessory” .

Distraction Mom – She comes prepared with everything but the kitchen sink. The kids always have something to do to keep them occupied during down times. She’s worth her weight in gold when it comes to distracting the little ones. Playing cards, check! Coloring books, check! Trucks and tractors check! Fun and carefree, a jokester to the core…she’s actually the one who brought the plastic spider to drop out of the barn rafters on an unsuspecting passersby. Her motto: “Let them play!”

Photographer Mom – Camera around her neck – always!! She believes in the quality of a good photo…cell phones just won’t do. She loves the challenge of getting the perfect shot. The entire barn is her subject; she’s willing to photograph every single child. This mom is sentimental and strives to freeze frame time. Being part of a memory in the making is her ultimate reward. She’s on hand to capture the champion slap, the fists in the air and the tears of joy. You can expect her Facebook posts to include albums documenting the event for days. And she does it all out of the goodness of her heart. Her motto: “Capture the moment so it will last forever”.

Schedule Mom – Task driven, she keeps everyone on their toes and watching the clock. The very second that the class breaks are posted, she’s there jotting down notes for herself and her crew to keep everyone in-line. The show schedule is posted at her pens and her kids’ classes are written on the back of her hand. By class 2 she knows how long the judge takes per head to sort through a class. Somehow she can always hear the show announcer’s comments over the mic when no one else can. Always aware of her surroundings, at any given point she knows what class is in the ring and who’s on deck. The showmen in her crew never need to run to the make-up ring. She may be barking orders back at the pens but as the ultimate task-master, her kids are always prepared. Her motto: “Punctuality and preparedness leads to success”,

Stock Mom – You know the one… She’s there to show livestock. Focused. Determined. Competitive. She’s got the eye of the tiger. Don’t even try to interrupt her flow…she’s on the wash rack, she’s clipping, she’s fitting, she’s ringside and repeat. Her motto: “We came, we showed, we won”.

Don’t forget to thank your mom for everything she does for you, not only during show season, but all the time!

Lisa Shearer


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