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Principles for Success: Teachability

What is Teachability?

Teachability is more than being smart; it’s a willingness and capacity to learn from others. Teachable people are receptive to instruction and have a thirst for knowledge and growth. They receive information and correction with an eager and motivated spirit, and they approach every situation as an opportunity to learn.

Showmen who are teachable are likely to be successful because they see every experience as a learning tool and an opportunity for growth. They are open to feedback, and they handle discouragement and criticism gracefully and productively. Teachable exhibitors increase their capabilities and understanding, broadening their opportunities because they are accepting of other people’s wisdom.

Exhibitors who are not teachable are generally resistant to new information and to being corrected. They are opinionated, reject feedback and assume they are always right. To be successful in the show ring and in life, we have to face our own inadequacies and use mistakes and weaknesses as catalysts to increase our knowledge and experience.

Check out the following list of Do’s and Don’ts of teachable people.

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