Choosing The Perfect Calf Blanket

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Choosing The Perfect Calf Blanket


It only makes sense to use a calf blanket for babies during the winter months. We know that these calves need to stay warm and dry during damp, cold winter days. Not only do they need to be comfortable, but blankets will keep them healthier by increasing weight gain. In my past experience, blanketed calves noticeably gain a significant amount of weight versus non-blanketed calves.

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Here are some points to ponder when choosing the right blanket.

1. How durable is it?
Blankets are an investment in the health of your calf—don’t skimp on a cheap one! They should hold up during washing and daily use. If you purchase a good quality blanket, it can be used for years.

2. Is it water resistant?
Look for a blanket that is water resistant. It’s important to keep your calf dry during snowy or rainy days. This will prevent them from getting sick and keep you from getting stuck with another vet bill.

3. Does it have straps?
Straps are needed to keep your blanket in place on the calf. My personal preference for a closure system would feature a hook and loop front closure that rests on the calf’s chest. Also, I prefer adjustable elastic straps that fit snugly around the calf’s rear legs.

Don’t give up on the hunt to find the perfect blanket! Your calf will thank you for it.

Renee Hershberger

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