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What Is Bracing and How Do I Do It?

When it comes down to it, bracing is using your body to flex the muscles of your goat. Be sure to know your show's rules on bracing because it is becoming more and more accepted in the ring. Here are some tips to practice to help you and your goat learn how to brace:

  • Start teaching your goat at a young age.
  • The best tool to start the process is a trimming stand. The angle of the stand mimics the brace you will have at the show. While it’s on the stand, practice setting your goat’s feet.
  • To brace, set the feet up square and then push into your goat. Your goat will naturally want to push back against the force, thereby flexing its muscles.
  • To properly push into your goat, you will want to point your toe and knee outward, using the inner part of the thigh to push across the front of your goat. Keep in mind to never put your knee and legs directly into the neck of the goat.
  • If you’re not getting enough push from your goat, back it up until it resists and begins to push back.
  • When it comes to bracing techniques, know what the judge is looking for. And remember, every goat is different, so slightly adjusting your method with each one may be necessary.
Goat Bracing

Did You Know?

Having a mirror in your barn is a great way to watch yourself and perfect your bracing and showmanship skills.