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Troy Goretska

Troy Goretska

Troy’s involvement in youth agricultural activities ignited a passion within his that he believes will remain for a lifetime. At Goretska Livestock, a family-run operation, the focus is to produce the highest quality show goats while continually growing and improving genetics. Cattle have always been Troy’s first passion, and he remains well connected with the industry though his own children’s show careers. Troy remembers looking up to and learning from others as a youngster and is always willing to help or offer advice to young exhibitors and their families.

Lives In
Corydon, IA

Wife: Bridget
Children: Chloe, Morgan, Tyson and Trey

Black Hawk College

Favorite Products
Firm Adhesive
Wide Range Brush

Fun Fact
Troy and his family are big wrestling fans.

To learn more about Troy Goretska, visit www.facebook.com/Goretskalivestock