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Show Pig Supplies that you need for the Stock Show

According to Kent Bennington, if you plan on taking your hog to a stock show this season, there are a few show pig supplies you'll need: a hand pump sprayer to keep your hog cool and looking fresh, a pig brush to remove last minute dirt and shavings, and a microfiber towel in case your pig goes to the bathroom on itself.

Read these show day ProTips from Kent Bennington:

  1. For nonoil shows, fill your hand pump sprayer with water and lightly mist your show pig before they enter the ring. This gives them a fresh look for the judges.
  2. Present yourself in a professional manner in the ring. Pig brush not fitting comfortably in your jeans? Instead of holding it, get a pig brush holder. Also, don’t leave a microfiber towel hanging out of your pocket.