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How to fit a goat on show day

Are your show goats ready for the big day? Watch Mike Harbour prepare his show goats for the ring with a little help from some of his favorite show supplies: a goat trimming stand, several aerosols, a roto goat brush and a slicker brush. Remember to check your show rules before using any liquids or aerosols on your show goats.

Use a goat trimming stand to make the fitting process easier. Mike Harbour covers dark pigmentation on his show goats with Sheep & Goat Whitening Spray. To train leg hair, the goat brush Mike Harbour recommends is the Mini Roto Brush, which is used in conjunction with a drill. You can use either light or medium adhesive on your show goat. When you’re combing in adhesive, use a slicker brush; if you use a wide-toothed goat comb, you’re going to get a spikey look instead of a fluffy look.