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How To Clip Your Goat

From clipping to pulling up leg hair, fitting goats for shows has adapted and changed over the years. We pulled ProStaff team member Mike Harbour aside at a show to get his thoughts on some important things to remember when it comes to clipping or shaving your goat.

When should a goat be clipped before a show?
"Clipping should be done at home. About one or two days out, you'll want to think about getting it done. This will give you a little time for mistakes to appear less obvious, especially if you're just learning to clip. You also don't want to clip the body at the show because it adds undue stress for your goat — and for you!"

What blades do you recommend for showmen to clip or shave their goats?
"The most commonly used are covercote and medium blades; however, other blades may work as well."

Now for the actual body clipping...do you have any basic tips for showmen?
"On the top, chest floor, and underline, you'll want to keep it short while keeping it tight through the top, tail, and pin set. Be sure to leave the hair from hocks and knees down."

Is there anything kids should do after clipping their goats?
"You'll want to be sure to remove all excess hair with a blower and/or brush. Leaving the clipped hair on your goat can cause irritation, which can lead to rubbing and biting."

Goat Clipping Knowledge