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3 Basic Steps to Chain Breaking Your Goat

Using a chain to show Boer goats is pretty much a requirement these days, but why does it seem so easy for some people to train their goats with chains? It’s true, your goat might resist when you first start, but with time and patience it does get better. The best way to train your goat? Start with the basics below.

  • Get your goat used to you by handling it from a young age. Start by tying your goat with a halter. Your goat will learn to respect the halter and tame down, eventually teaching it to walk naturally with something guiding it. While tied up, put the chain around your goat’s neck to get it used to the feel. Just remember, never leave your goat unattended when it is tied up with a halter or chain.
  • Doing the above and gradually getting your goat used to the chain is extremely important. Once you’ve spent adequate time doing so, go ahead and practice leading your goat with the chain. Don’t worry if your goat starts coughing or resisting; this is part of its way of adjusting to the chain and being led in a new way.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Walk, set and repeat.

3 Basic Steps to Chain Breaking your Goat

How Do I Know Which Chain to Use?

Finding the perfect chain can be difficult. Most importantly, remember to find one that is comfortable for both you and your goat. For you, be sure to pick one that's comfortable in the palm of your hand. For your goat, find one that is the right length so it's comfortable between the chain and the head of the goat. The long and short of it is that it needs to suit both you and your animal.