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What to Get That Hard-To-Shop-For Livestock Enthusiast in Your Family

What to Get That Hard-To-Shop-For Livestock Enthusiast in Your Family

With Christmas just weeks away, you are probably still scrambling to finish gathering presents. I’m sure you’ve got a special person in your life that is tore up with the livestock lifestyle. That person who excuses themselves from family dinners to go rinse calves or feed pigs. That person who always has an online sale pulled up on their phone. Or that person who hangs banners or random show posters on their bedroom walls. If you may need some help, I think I’ve got ya covered.


Clothing is always a good options because of our lifestyle. From paint and adhesive to dust and dirt to, well, some not so good smelling things our clothes don’t last that long. Jeans, shirts, boots, belts, belt buckles, hats, vests, jackets, etc. are all a viable option. Even waterproof wind pants and jackets get ruined easily. There are so many small businesses that would be more than happy to see you walking through their door.

Personalized Items

There’s one thing that all of us can agree that we like, ourselves. We are passionate about our own operation and stock and want to show it off. Find something that can be screen-printed or embroidered and get their farm logo put on it. This goes so much further than clothing. Pillows, blankets, signs, banners, wall décor, or stall cards are just a few options. Find a local embroidery shop to help you figure something out, but be quick about it. These shops get busy in a hurry!

Branded Items

We all have that one brand or company that we couldn’t live without. A feed company, breeder, or show supply business that we love to represent. For some companies that have the history, vintage signs are always awesome surprise on Christmas morning.

Barn Necessities

Now this is where things might get a little sticky. When you think about this person and their typical routine in the barn, you’ve got to know some items that would make their hard work either more enjoyable or easier. A radio that blares louder than the fans and blowers. Or a white board to write feed rations or breeding dates on. A small scale for weighing feed or a big scale to weigh barrows. Just stay away from the generic presents like a new fork lift or feed scoop.

Animal Anything

This should go without saying but we love livestock. And there are so many different gift-like items with cattle, sheep, hogs, and goats on them. Ornaments, pillows, kitchen towels, sweatshirts, pictures, and the list goes on and on. Sometimes you can even customize them!

I’m sure you’re friends with small business owners on social media and see their posts of Christmas ideas. Message them and ask for help if you still need ideas! I hope everyone has a happy and healthy Christmas season and a safe New Years!

Check out the Gift Ideas from Weaver Leather Livestock: https://www.weaverlivestock.com

-Greg Kirlin

Greg Kirlin resides on his family farming operation in west central Illinois and is a Feed Sales Representative and Marketing Specialist for a local feed & grain company, Dearwester Grain Services. He uses his passion for livestock production to help local producers reach their goals in both commercial and show stock settings. His brother and he both have a passion for raising and exhibiting purebred Simmental cattle.

Greg lives by a quote from Grant Cardone which states “Your greatness is limited only by the investments you make in yourself.” Keeping this quote close, Greg lives each day reaching for success and working towards goals set daily. He hopes to challenge readers to create their own success through passion, determination, and hard work.

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