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The Power of the Blue Corduroy

The Power of the Blue Corduroy

Saturday, October 27th was my last time in my FFA jacket. That morning I woke up a little earlier. I took a little more time to curl my hair and do my makeup. I slid my nylons on with a little more care. I zipped up my jacket a little slower than usual, admiring the pins I had collected over the years, the small spot of sheep slobber on the left sleeve, and the little piece of stitching in my name that had started to come loose.

I stood in the mirror and stared at myself in my jacket for a long time, reminiscing on the accomplishments and memories made in this faded, blue piece of corduroy. From fairs to speaking contests, conventions and conferences, this jacket was with me through everything, and it has seen so many milestones in my FFA career.

It saw me bomb my Creed recital as a

freshman. It saw me take my first big showmanship win with my lamb. This jacket saw me develop leadership skills and work together with my peers on three different officer teams. It saw the entire state of California, as well as parts of Indiana and Louisville. It saw me walk across the stage in front of 69,000 people to receive my American FFA Degree. But most importantly, it helped me see where my passions lied.

It helped me see the direction I wanted to take my future. It helped me see how many people around me supported me and believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. And as I stood in the mirror in my jacket for the final time, it helped me see just how much the FFA organization made me grow as a person, a student, a leader and an agriculture enthusiast. Though it might be just a jacket, the power and opportunities within it are truly limitless. Take risks, be bold, and cherish your time in the Future Farmers of America organization, because the blue corduroy can change your life in ways you can’t imagine.

-Taylor Richardson

“Doing what I love, loving what I do,” is the quote that I base my life upon. Inspired by my grandfather, I strive to be a service-minded individual in both the stock show and agriculture industries. Growing up you could find me in the barns with my lambs and goats, serving as an officer for my FFA chapter, or playing badminton! Though my hometown is in Sonoma County, California I am currently living in Chico, California as I pursue a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science and a teaching credential in Agriculture Education. I look forward to the next year guest blogging for Weaver Leather Livestock and am so grateful for the opportunity!

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