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Life Lessons from the Washrack

Life Lessons from the Washrack

The wash rack. It can be dirty, slippery and most of the time crowded. Have you ever thought of it as a place to learn? The things you learn in the wash rack can help you in the ring and maybe even in life.

  1. Overspray Happens – We all have made that mistake or had it made to us. Yes it can be annoying, but it’s just water so deal with it.
  2. Let the Kids do it – It is easy for me to just grab the brush and take charge of the situation. I think it is better to let the kid look for the areas that need attention and let them do it. They will never learn if they never do it. It does take more time but learning doesn’t happen overnight.
  3. Be Thorough – If you miss something in the wash rack, it will most likely be spotted by someone at some point. Do it right the first time and you won’t have to worry about those missed spots later.
  4. There is Satisfaction in Cleaning – Cleaning anything can be boring and mundane, but also very fulfilling. The act of transforming something that was once dingy and beleaguered into a shiny and lustrous item is good for the soul.
  5. Remember what you came with – It seems like we are buying brushes at every show we attend. Put everything back in its place and take it with you. The lesson here is to be organized and mindful of your belongings.

The next trip to the wash rack may seem ordinary and monotonous but think about the lessons you learn there and apply them to other things in your life. You may be surprised at how enlightening that trip may be.

-Jeremy Evans

Most people that work with Jeremy Evans at Dover Middle School in Dover, Ohio think Jeremy is a farmer. He prefers the term “Agriculture Enthusiast” because 8 acres and 5 head of cattle doesn’t exactly make a farm. When he is not grading papers or changing apostrophes that don’t belong in plural nouns, he enjoys feeding his son’s (Barrett, Brady, Blaine) steers, but not writing the checks for the feed. His wife Michelle is also a teacher at Dover City Schools and he considers his greatest accomplishment in life the fact that he converted his wife from a “horse person” to a “cow person” as evidenced by the fluffer comb in the back pocket of her ski pants at shows.

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