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Fitting a Front Leg

The role of fitting is to hide any areas of weakness on the calf while amplifying its strengths. Fitting is an important tool to reach the most ideal look.


Pull Up the Front Leg

The focus of the front leg will be from the knee to the hoof. Use Medium Adhesive to pull up the front leg. The back of the leg should be straight with a taper back

into the dewclaw. The front of the leg should have a slight slope.


Use Firm Adhesive to separate the hair on the back fin. It is beneficial to use a slicker brush to separate the hair and then set the hair with Firm Adhesive. We are trying to make the hair as defined as possible. Once the hair is separated and looks full, drift more Firm Adhesive in.


Building the Leg

ProPowder White is used to build the hair but will not provide any holding power. Therefore, it is important to use ProPowder in combination with an adhesive. It can also be very helpful to add builder prior to clipping. If adding builder and clipping the leg, reapply adhesive.

Layering to Build

Layer ProPowder White and Firm Adhesive, while ending with Firm. Make sure to focus on the areas that need built in order to make the leg look bigger boned. Always remember to err on the side of a natural look. We are trying to get the calf to look ideal.



Add paint to get the calf back to its natural color. It is important to take your time and not to rush when painting. Keep the can several inches away so the aerosol spray of the can does not hurt all of the fitting work that you just did. Lastly, make sure you have adequate light available to stand back and check your work.


Products in this article:

Slicker Brush

Medium Adhesive

Firm Adhesive

ProPowder White




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